Request FLÏ™ Samples for Your Dispensary

Looking to get FLÏ™ samples for your dispensary?

FLÏ™ product line includes FLÏ™ vape pens, FLÏ™ chocolates, Extracts, and more.

What makes FLÏ™ Vape Pens unique for your customer?

  • Flavorless and odorless cannabis oil creates positive consumer experience (without the harsh smell and negative stigma)
  • Made with our potent THC cannabis distillate
  • Short-path distillation method removes pesticides and harsh solvents in the oil product
  • Manufactured entirely on-site under the supervision of extraction professionals

If you’d like to request a FLÏ™ samples for your dispensary, simply click below for a free sample, fill out this form.